COVID Safe States

street photo of places to visit Santa Fe

COVID Safe States to Live

New Mexico

Small Town Charm, World Class Selection

While no state is completely safe from COVID, there are definitely states in the US more safe than others. New Mexico is a great place to connect with a diverse population from all over with a small town charm. Santa Fe, NM is attracting those who want to relocate away from the big cities of th east and west coast, and create an oasis in the land of enchantment. With initial strict border laws in response to the coronavirus, NM has become a hotspot for those looking to move away from big cities in Texas, Colorado as well as New York and LA to find a better spot to telecommute and learn from home and nature. One of the most COVID safe cities offering the best quality of life, Santa Fe, NM is quickly becoming one of the best small towns to live in the US today. If your looking to move away from east coast or west coast inland to the great outdoors. Santa Fe has world class variety, a diverse population, while maintiaining a small town charm.

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